Scale Your Influence, Leads, and Revenue with Authoritative Content Marketing

How do you attract millions of relevant visitors to your website, build a trusted relationship through deep engagement, and convert those visitors into paying customers?

The answer is simple, the execution is hard: Authoritative Content Marketing

We help SaaS companies, Fortune 5000 companies, and marketing agencies create SEO-optimized authoritative blog posts and build high-authority backlinks via guest posts, so that you scale your influence, traffic, and revenue.

Industries we help get in front of millions of customers: Tech, Marketing, HR, Financial Services, and Automotive.

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Great Content + Great Backlinks = High Content Marketing ROI

Most websites and businesses still think they can drive Google traffic by just publishing mediocre content and waiting for results… and they wait, wait, wait.

Still, only few people visit there blog posts. And the few people who visit leave the website fast because of the mediocre content quality.

It’s sad. That’s just wasted money and time (most often negative content marketing ROI even though it was “cheap”), and a wasted opportunity to build trust and authority with your visitors (and future customers).

But there’s a better way to maximize your content marketing ROI.

  • You publish authoritative, SEO-optimized, engaging and conversion-optimized, evergreen blog posts of 4,000+ words (and we can help you with that at scale… just check out our blog posts, you could get similar ones for your website and your niche)
  • You build high-quality backlinks via guest posting and other link building strategies (and we can help you with that at scale)

In this hyper-competitive world that’s the only valid way to rank on the first page in Google search results and building trust/authority with your customers to make them buy.

How We Work: A Battle-Tested 4-Step Content Marketing Strategy that Generates Leads & Sales

1. We Choose the Right Keywords

Content Marketing - keyword research

The #1 mistake most companies make is to target the wrong keywords. This will just waste your time and money without seeing any notable results.

We can help you identify keywords that are likely to make you money and show you what it takes to rank well for those keywords.

2. We Write Authoritative Blog Posts Using Cutting-Edge SEO Practices

5-10 years ago, you were fine with just writing keyword stuffed short articles and your content would rank.

These days, you need to know about LSI keywords (this helps us rank for 70% more keywords than your competitors), structured data markups, and many other factors to outrank in this fierce competition for the first page on Google. Plus your content needs to engage and convert customers.

We write 4,000+ words masterpieces of evergreen content that build trust with your customers and convert.

writing authoritative blog posts

3. We Build High-Quality Links in Your Niche

If you are operating in a competitive niche, it’s not the number of backlinks you get, but the number of high quality links that makes the difference.

We managed to secure links on sites like Bplans, CoSchedule, and many other sites in different niches.

We can get the same result for your business, because I know who is accepting pitches and who to contact. Also, we are currently publishing 50+ guest posts per month on high authority sites.

link building and domain authority

4. Get First Page Results on Google

Need proof of our results? Our website gets 700k+ visitors from Google… every month. has built up a 61DR in less than 3 months just with White Hat link building methods.

We’ve been able to get similar results in different niches working with everyone from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

get first page results on Google search results

Find Out If We Should Work Together

We should work together, if…

  • You want top notch content which 99% of websites can’t produce, because you know your content quality will reflect back on how visitors and customers will perceive your business and products. You want authoritative 4,000+ words blog posts that “WOW” your readers.
  • You want your content to rank on the first page for relevant keywords, so you are looking for content that always applies the latest White Hat SEO practices and hacks to give your business this competitive edge to rank higher in Google. You want to sleep good at night, because you feel and know everything is following best practices and laws.
  • You want a proactive, hard-working, expert-level content marketing team to your blog post production and link building efforts. You don’t want to micromanage, but just get delivered the results as promised. You have so many other things to do to grow your business, and you want this content marketing thing in the best hands and running almost on auto-pilot.
  • You are serious about growing your traffic, brand, leads, and revenue in a sustainable way. And you have the budget authority to make a final decision.

We are not a good fit for you, if…

  • You just want short acceptable articles and you are fine by just using SEO best practices that worked 5 or 10 years ago. (Nowadays, if you want to really build trust with your readership and have a chance of ranking well on Google, writing less-than-awesome content is really a bad content marketing strategy).
  • You want daily interactions and micromanage our team. (We are hard-working, proactive content marketing experts who deliver… we want to focus on getting the work done and delivering results, not unnecessary back-and-forth interactions).
  • You don’t have a significant budget to back up your growth ambitions. (You need to see content marketing as a profit center which is driving a positive ROI to your business).
  • You can’t make a final decision whether to work with us. Sorry, but this will just waste both our times.

Here’s What to Do Next If You Want to Work With Us and Grow Your Business

Let’s chat about working together, if you have…

  1. A minimum $5,000 monthly budget to get started
  2. A minimum of 3 months to commit (content marketing takes time, but it’s worth it :-))
  3. Time to book a call with us and ability to get the ball rolling this week

You are only one step away from building trusted relations and authority with millions of readers and customers… Let’s discuss the best growth opportunities for your business and the next steps to get the ball rolling in our free 45 minute consultation.

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